TRI Funori Product Information Sheet

TRI Funori™ is a natural product extracted from funori - the Japanese word for seaweed. HPCS imports the seaweed from Japan and extracts the starchy funori. TRI Funori™ is a versatile product, effective in three distinct areas of application in conservation: as a fixative, as a cleaning agent and as a light adhesive. It is particularly well suited for cleaning delicate paint surfaces because it dries on matte and does not leave tide lines.

TRI Funori

* As a Fixative for friable powdery painted surfaces, TRI Funori™ can be applied as a mist spray with an airbrush or other suitable applicator. TRI Funori™ dries to a smooth matte finish, showing no visible tide lines when applied to paper or friable painted surfaces.


* As a Cleaning Agent, TRI Funori™ is used with washi (Japanese rice paper).The washi is held in place while the TRI Funori™ is brush-applied through it onto the soiled surface. After an appropriate dwell time, the washi is removed and discarded.


* As a Light Adhesive, TRI Funori™ can be used by itself or made stronger as needed by mixing with up to 4% sturgeon glue. It is reversible with warm water.