HPCS TRI-Funori - A Fixative, Cleaning Agent and Light Adhesive


TRI Funori™

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A Fixative, Cleaning Agent and Light Adhesive for Objects and Architectural Conservation 

TRI-Funori is a natural product extracted from funori (the Japanese word for seaweed) which grows along the
Pacific coastline of Japan, China & Korea. HPCS imports the seaweed from Japan and extracts the starchy funori.

TRI-Funori is a non-toxic, non-flammable, non-hazardous and non-regulated material.


As a fixative for friable powdery painted surfaces, TRI-Funori can be applied as a mist spray with an airbrush or other suitable applicator. Some saturation of the colors may be observed, but the surface after treatment will be significantly more durable. TRI-Funori dries to a smooth matte finish, showing no visible tide lines when applied to paper or friable painted surfaces.


As a cleaning agent, TRI-Funori is used with kozo tissue.

TRI Funori

The tissue is held in place and the TRI-Funori is brush-applied through it onto the soiled surface.

After an appropriate dwell time, the tissue is removed and discarded. Excess TRI-Funori can be removed by applying another sheet of kozo.


As a light adhesive, TRI-Funori can be used by itself or made stronger as needed by mixing with up to 4% sturgeon glue.

It can be used to adhere wall paper, paint flakes, and curled foil and gilding metals.

It is reversible with warm water.




Video of Application of HPCS TRI-Funori

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