Cast Plaster Reinforcement - "Spider-Man Theatre" (a.k.a. the Lyric Theatre, New York City (1968)

Technician applies HPCS RE Aramid Gel to reinforce cast plaster section of proscenium arch prior to reinstallation   (Photo courtesy of Iconoplast Designs) 

(Reinforcement of Cast Plaster)


The Building

“Spider-Man Theatre” (now called the Lyric Theatre and previously known as the Foxwoods Theatre, the Hilton Theatre and the Ford Centre for the Performing Arts). The building was constructed in 1903 with the theatre installed in 1968.


Project Synopsis:

Prior to the opening of the $75 million Broadway musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” (the most expensive theatrical production in history) in November 2010, virtually all of the theatre had to be dismantled and carefully placed in storage in order to make room for the elaborate sets, equipment and machinery required for musical’s production.


With the closing of Spider-Man in January 2014, a rigorous and highly competitive bidding process was conducted for the challenging job of putting the theatre back together. After a lengthy review of proposals and numerous interviews, the team of HPCS (USA) was awarded the contract based on procedures developed and prescribed by Historic Plaster Conservation Services (Canada).


HPCS (USA) conducted the work which included the application of HPCS RE Aramid Gel and HPCS Adhesives to reinforce and stabilize the cast plaster proscenium arch and other theatrical elements.




  HPCS RE Aramid Gel