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The cast fibrous plaster beams were severely damaged

New York City (1904)


The Building:
A monumental edifice on the northwest corner of Central Park West and 96th Street in Manhattan. 


The Problem:
The deterioration of plaster encasing the huge glass skylight presented a potentially serious safety problem.
The Solution:
Mark Anderson, senior heritage architect with Façade MD, asked Historic Plaster Conservation Services to assess the problem and design a treatment program to repair the severely damaged cast fibrous plaster beams and to secure their mechanical connection. Urethane foam was used to fill the cavity between the steel structure and the fibrous plaster decorative embellishment, and a variety of HPCS products were applied to stabilize, strengthen and tie the plaster to the steel structure.


CO F-20 Primer™ Consolidant - F-50 Primer Consolidant - CO R-100 AD 25 Gel™
CO F-20 Primer™  CO F-50 Primer™ CO R-100 Consolidant™ AD 25 Gel™