HPCS Projects


Plaster Type

Plaster on Wood Lath Plaster on Wood Lath
Plaster on Expanded Metal Lath Plaster on Expanded Metal Lath
Plaster on Masonry Plaster on Masonry
Fibrous Plaster Fibrous Plaster
Cast Plaster Ornament Cast Plaster Ornament
Marble Cladding Marble Cladding on Terra Cotta
Fresco on Plaster Substrate Fresco on Plaster Substrate

Building Type

Museum Buildings Museums 
Religious Buildings Religious 
Educational Buildings Educational
Government Buildings Government 
Theatre Buildings Theatres 


United States



At the outset of most projects, Historic Plaster Conservation Services is retained as a consultant to evaluate the condition of the plaster in buildings of historic importance. Depending on the results of the assessment, plaster conservation treatment may be recommended. In Canada, we act primarily in a consulting capacity, and are associated with a number of contractors that certified in the HPCS methods of contemporary plaster conservation. In the United States HPCS (USA) has a team of professional, trained technicians to carry out plaster consolidation and other plaster-related work.