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Times Square Theater Credit Beyer Blinder Belle front
Times Square Theater 1979 - Credit: Beyer Blinder Belle (Architect)






New York City, New York (1920)



The Building: Times Square Theater was built in 1920 by the Selwyn Brothers based on a design by Eugene De Rosa. The theater has been vacant since 1990. For its centennial celebration, Stillman Development International (Developer) began the adaptive reuse development of the landmark-quality historic theater in the heart of Manhattan's midtown theater district. Designed by Beyer Blinder Belle (Architect) and managed by Shawmut Design and Construction (Construction Manager), this restoration will convert the 1,032-seat theatre into a 52,000 square-foot retail space. The new building will showcase repurposed decorative elements from the original construction: on the outside the Neo-Classical limestone facade and the decorative graffito frieze and, on the inside, the relocated proscenium arch, sail vault, and dome.


Project Synopsis: working as a subcontractor for the Construction Manager, John Tiedemann Inc./HPCS USA's job is to implement the proposed temporary removal of plasterwork (on wire lath and cast plaster) for offsite repair and stabilization (with HPCS CO R-100 Consolidaton Agent and HPCS RE Aramid Gel Fibrous Plaster Reinforcement), storage and reinstallation at a non-original location within the new building.


With John Tiedemann Inc./HPCS USA's extensive knowledge and past success at this type of delicate plaster removal, stabilization and reinstallation work, including at the Lyric Theater and Woolworth Building in New York City, we are able to identify and implement the appropriate techniques and methods, especially in the plaster realm where historic information is so sparse.






Times Square Theater artist rendering of glass box
Artist rendering of refurbished and repurposed theater.







Times Square Theater artist rendering of exterior
Artist rendering of refurbished and repurposed theater.







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