HPCS U.S. Projects, Hotel Syracuse (now called Marriott Syracuse Downtown)

Hotel Syracuse (1924)


Syracuse, New York (1924)



The Building: The Hotel Syracuse is a historic hotel built in 1924. It is considered to be an excellent example of an early 20th century modern hotel designed by one of the leading hotel designers of the day - William Stone Post of George B. Post & Sons of New York City.


Project Synopsis: The hotel was closed in 2004 and is now nearing the end of a $60 million renovation project. It is slated to open for business in the spring of 2016 with 261 guest rooms and all major historic spaces returned to their former grandeur.



While working on various aspects of the building, HPCS USA observed serious delamination of layers of the three-coat plaster ceiling in the upper level of the Persian Terrace. The ceiling is comprised of ornately decorated plaster-on-metal-lath with numerous pre-cast elements.


After reattaching the delaminated layers of plaster with injections of acrylic resin, HPCS consolidated the plaster and metal lath from a blind location using the Remote Consolidant Applicator to dispense various dilutions of acrylic adhesive. The work is guaranteed for 25 years.


Hotel Syracuse interior


Hotel Syracuse historicial









CO S-20 Primer™ CO S-50 Primer™ CO R-100 Consolidant™ AD Premixed Adhesive
CO S-20 Primer™ CO S-50 Primer™ CO R-100 Consolidant
AD Premixed Plaster Lug and Key Replacement™
Remote Consolidant Applicator