Grouts - Product Information Sheet

GR Non-Shrink


After consolidation, GR Non-Shrink™ grout is used to fill any space that exists between plaster and substrate. Its non-shink characteristic is essential for applications in which the stress of shrinkage will produce alligator cracks in delicate plaster - an important consideration where surface decoration is present. Comes in a specially designed two- chamber mixing cartridge and with a reusable mixing wand – both are patent pending.

GR Non-Shrink Ultra-Fine

After consolidation, GR Non-Shrink Ultra-Fine™ grout is used to fill in fine cracks and voids that may exist between the plaster and its substrate. Used for gaps under 3/16”. Injection with pistol grip syringe makes application convenient and accurate. Excellent for filling cracks in cast plaster ornaments.