HPCS GR Non-Shrink Premium Plain Face Plaster Grout

GR Non-Shrink Cartridge and Mixing Wand

GR Non-Shrink Two-Chamber Cartridge with Membrane

GR Non-Shrink
Premium Plain Face Plaster Grout


After consolidation, GR Non-Shrink grout is used to fill in any space that exists between plaster and substrate. GR Non-Shrink is essential in situations where the stress of shrinkage will produce alligator cracks in delicate plaster – an important consideration where surface decoration is present.


GR Non-Shrink is based on the original Morgan Phillips formula for re-attaching plaster. Both the HPCS formula and mixing cartridge are patent pending. The product comes in a specially designed 30 oz/900 mL cartridge comprised of two chambers separated by a thin membrane, with each chamber containing a component of the GR Non-Shrink formula. HPCS provides a mixing wand that is inserted into the cartridge to puncture the membrane and mix the two formula components together. This method is much more efficient and convenient than mixing the formula components in a bucket. For large projects an HPCS multi-cartridge mixing machine is available. Both the GR Non-Shrink formula and mixing cartridge are patent pending.

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