Plaster on Wood Lath - Felician College Iviswold Castle

Saving plaster on wood lath in a beautiful Gilded Age mansion

Rutherford, New Jersey (1890)


The Building:
A Gilded Age mansion. 


The Problem:
Classic example of the detachment of plaster from the wood lath as evidenced by numerous broken keys & lugs, and the settlement of plaster away from the substrate.


Project Synopsis:
Historic Plaster Conservation Services (Canada) was asked to assess the ceiling (which featured valuable 
decorative painting on the surface) and design an appropriate plaster treatment program to be carried 
out by HPCS (USA). After easing the ceiling back onto its proper plane using HPCS Micro-JacksTM ,
 a variety of HPCS products were applied to treat the ceiling, including GR Non-Shrink GroutTM  to fill
 spaces between the plaster and wood lath. The “non-shrinking” characteristic of this product ensures that 
it does not exert any undue stress on the plaster, especially where the ceiling cannot be brought back
up into its original alignment.



Consolidant - F-20 Primer Consolidant - F-50 Primer Consolidant - F-50 Primer GR Non-Shrink Grout
CO F-20 Primer™ CO F-50 Primer™ CO R-100 Consolidant™  
GR Non-Shrink Grout™  
HPCS Micro-Jacks™.